Recruiting Session 4 :

Date : SUNDAY the 19TH JANUARY 2020

Time : 10am for a 10:30am start to 12:30pm-1pm (if you arrive after 10:30am the doors will be locked)

location : Ellie Eaton Theatre 'Gate 1 Theatre'

Address : 1 Graylands Road Claremont 

Entry is in Gate 1 which is off Graylands Road near the corner of Shenton Road


We will be recruiting staff for this season who on top of great people skills and work ethic fall into three categories :

- can work on a cash register, open cans or bottles and do physical work


- already have bar skills and can pour beer, mix drinks, make cocktails. 


- have excellent RSA skills and can roam large crowds identifying people showing signs of intoxication etc.


If you think you are what we are looking for then please create a staff profile ( this is on the top right of home page) and send your resume and a photo to


We need a photo of you as we deal with so many hundreds of staff on a very casual basis and knowing which person really helps. 


Guy Ellies

Director Perth Social Club Pty Ltd